Welcome, we’re happy you’re here and want to introduce ourselves! Beachstone Dental is a brand-new dental practice providing oral healthcare services to the people of Leamington and the surrounding areas with the advanced, comprehensive, and dedicated patient care they deserve.

We offer tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and oral health goals while maintaining the highest standards of care and comfort. We believe our patients deserve only the best treatments and technology that modern dentistry has to offer and we deliver it in a friendly and stress-free environment.

Our focus is on optimizing your oral health and overall health with your well-being, comfort, and satisfaction in mind.  The result – a pleasant dental experience, a radiant smile, and a happier life!

We promise to do our utmost to ensure you have an uplifting dental care experience and leave our office feeling rejuvenated.

The Beachstone Dentist

Dr. Ganapathy Prasad Manjunath, DDS

Meet Dr. Prasad

We are happy to introduce our solo dentist, Dr. Ganapathy Prasad Manjunath, DDS, to Leamington and the surrounding areas of Windsor-Essex County.

Known to his patients as Dr. Prasad, he has built a solid reputation for his exceptional clinical knowledge and skills as well as his warm, gentle, and compassionate demeanor. He practices evidence-based dentistry and his treatment philosophy encompasses health, function, and aesthetics along with long-term relationship building.

Dr. Prasad welcomes patients of all ages to come visit us at Beachstone Dental in Leamington, ON. He looks forward to meeting you and seeing you smile!

The Beachstone Family

From our family to yours. We welcome you.

Beachstone Dental is a family-operated and family-focused dental practice offering general and cosmetic dental services for you and your loved ones. Our brand-new facility is Dr. Prasad’s independently owned dental office with a friendly team, welcoming atmosphere, and the latest technology.

As the office’s solo dentist, you will be cared for by Dr. Prasad every time you visit us – ensuring your continuity of care. We will get to know your oral health history intimately and be familiar with your preferences, habits, and treatment plans. This familiarity will allow him to identify any oral health issues, which can be critical for early diagnosis. His expertise will help you better manage your oral health care needs and he will coordinate treatments with a specialist when necessary. Dr. Prasad will be there to care for you and guide you every step of the way. He wants to be your dentist for life!

Dr. Prasad has selected a friendly and compassionate team that shares his vision when it comes to dental care and your oral health. When you become a patient here at Beachstone Dental, you become a part of our extended family and we will care for you accordingly. Everyone on our dental team wants to build meaningful, long-lasting relationships with our patients – because the better we know you and your oral health needs, the better we can care for you.  By providing a gentle and calming experience, we hope to fulfill our mission of helping you maintain healthy teeth and gums for life.

If you are looking for a refreshing dental care experience, you’ve come to the right place. We care about the health and the future of our local community and we’re here to make you smile!

The Beachstone Philosophy

Rejuvenate your Smile. Revitalize your Spirit.

The Beachstone Philosophy is simple: dentistry should be in the best interests of our patients to help them lead longer, healthier, and happier lives.

We believe knowledge is power. Dr. Prasad takes pride in his ongoing education and bringing that knowledge back home to our family of patients. Many people don’t realize their oral health goes much deeper than just their teeth and gums. In fact, poor oral health is one of the leading contributors to many serious systemic health problems including diabetes, heart disease, and strokes. We promise to do the utmost to ensure that your overall oral health remains intact and in good shape.

Dr. Prasad practices a preventive model of dentistry because we believe that prevention really is the best medicine.  It’s much easier to take small preventive measures on a regular basis than it is to treat and reverse serious problems once they’ve already happened. We use the latest in digital technology to help us detect and treat small problems before they become larger, more painful, and more costly complications down the road. Of course, should any oral health problems arise, we seek to address the root cause of these issues rather than just treating your symptoms.

We’re on a mission for education and prevention that promotes total oral and over-all health and wellness. We believe healthy habits and values are best instilled as early as possible, so we make patient education a priority, especially for the tiniest teeth in your family. We hope to instill healthy habits and values that you will carry with you for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles.

The following pillars are the foundation of everything we do at Beachstone Dental:

Patient Care

Our patients are our number one priority. We strive to make everyone feel relaxed, comfortable and enjoy their time at the office. We provide a caring and low-stress environment: every effort is made to care for each patient as an individual and minimize stress as much as possible. We can diffuse fear and anxiety in even the most fearful patients.


Dr. Prasad’s knowledge and experience combined with our advanced technology helps us to provide a high quality of care and conservative treatment. We believe that dentistry can and should be as painless as possible. We maintain a clean, safe environment to complete dental procedures. All measures will be taken to carry out treatment in accordance with the highest standards of professional dentistry.


Your first visit will be thorough. This includes X-rays, healthcare questionnaires, cleaning, and screening for issues that originate or can be identified in the mouth. We believe in correcting small issues before they become significant issues.


We focus on educating patients about oral health and provide care to achieve optimal periodontal health. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have during your visit. We place a strong emphasis on prevention to maintain a lifelong healthy mouth and smile.


There are no surprises here. We believe in open communication and will be straightforward with you. You will have full knowledge of your treatment plans, fees and payment options, and potential complications.

Continuity of Care

One of the main benefits of a dental office led by a solo practitioner is that patients receive continuity of care. With Dr. Prasad caring for you at every visit, you can be assured that he knows you and your specific oral healthcare needs which means he can provide better care for you and a lifelong smile.

The Beachstone Difference

Our Dentist. Modern, Spa-like Space. Your Smile.

Compassionate, preventative, and patient-oriented care is what sets us apart at Beachstone Dental. We believe in the value of a happy and healthy smile.

You are unique and so is your smile. Dr. Prasad personally designed our dental office with your comfort and care in mind; he wanted to do his utmost to offer the best patient care experience possible. We invite you to take the Beachstone Tour and explore our dental facility.

As an independently owned dental clinic led by a single dentist, we have the luxury of taking the time to get to know each of our patients and their oral health goals.  There are no production goals to meet and you are never a file number to us.

We believe healthy habits and values are best instilled as early as possible, so we make patient education a priority – especially for the tiniest teeth in your family.

We offer many amenities to help relax you and ease any dental anxiety or fears you or your loved ones may have. We invite you to discover the Beachstone Experience you can expect as a patient of our practice.

Dr. Prasad and our small and friendly staff are always happy to see you and get to know you. We will gladly take time to talk with you, answer any questions you may have, and educate you to provide the utmost in quality care based on your own personal comfort level. Your happy and healthy smile is our only end goal. Reach out to us to get started and join the Beachstone Dental family of patients!

Rejuvenate your smile at Beachstone Dental

We look forward to your visit!