COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Protocols

Are you concerned about visiting the dentist amid the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation? You’re not alone! It’s essential to know that dentists always maintain strict infection prevention and control procedures, even during regular times. Your well-being is our utmost priority. We’ve introduced extra safety measures and infection control standards to safeguard you, our fellow patients, and our team.

Your assistance in adhering to these new protocols is invaluable in ensuring the safest possible care. Your cooperation is genuinely appreciated as we work together for your well-being.

when scheduling your appointment:

We schedule appointments to maintain physical distancing and thorough disinfection between patients, ensuring everyone’s safety. Your cooperation and flexibility in scheduling appointments are truly appreciated. If you are feeling unwell, please notify us when booking your appointment. This helps us make necessary arrangements and adjust your visit accordingly.

  • Pre-Screening: Before your visit, we’ll conduct a pre-screening over the phone while booking your appointment to ensure your safety and well-being.
  • On-Site Screening: Upon arrival at our office, you’ll undergo another screening to maintain our commitment to your health and safety.

Prior to your appointment:

If you have an appointment scheduled with us and you begin experiencing symptoms of any infectious diseases, or if you have an appointment scheduled for your child, or if you wish to be accompanied to your appointment by a caregiver or support person, please inform us in advance so that we can proceed accordingly.

  • Stay Home If Unwell: If you’re feeling unwell or experiencing signs and symptoms of infectious diseases, such as flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, or difficulty breathing), or have had contact with someone with COVID-19 as per Public Health Guidelines, we kindly request that you stay home.
  • Notify Us: Please promptly notify our office if this situation applies to you. We’ll discuss your care options and reschedule your appointment as necessary.
  • Dental Emergency Protocol: If you’re unwell or displaying symptoms but experiencing a dental emergency, please notify us promptly. In the case of a dental emergency, we’ll make arrangements and assist in scheduling your appointment accordingly. You might be asked to wear a mask or face covering in the office, except during treatment. Your temperature may also be taken upon arrival using a touch-less thermometer.

On the day of your appointment:

Arrive Early:

      • First Visit: If it’s your first time with us, please arrive 15-30 minutes early to complete your New Patient forms and initial check-in. Bring your photo ID, medical/dental information, list of medications, payment, and insurance details.
      • Returning Visit: If you’ve registered before, arrive 10-15 minutes early for check-in and paperwork review.

Arrive Prepared:

        • Personal Preparation: Please eat, brush your teeth, and use the restroom before arriving. We want you to feel at ease during your time with us. Please note that food or drinks are not allowed on our premises. Our restroom facilities are reserved for patients of the practice only, ensuring privacy and cleanliness.
        • Wearing a Mask: Our team will wear face masks during your visit. While it’s not mandatory for you, we highly recommend wearing one.
        • Personal Pen: We recommend that you bring your own pen to sign or fill out forms. If you forget to bring one, a clean one will be provided for you.
        • Minimize Belongings: We kindly request you to bring only necessary items for your appointment.

Upon your arrival:

      • Door Status: Our doors are generally open during business hours for your convenience. However, please note that there may be occasions when our door is locked, primarily for safety and pre-screening purposes.
      • Arrival Procedure: If you find our door is locked, please call us upon arrival. We’ll welcome you when it’s time to enter. If you don’t have a mobile phone, please inform us in advance. Alternatively, knock on the door and wait for someone to greet you.
      • General Appointments: Please enter 15-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.
      • First Appointment of the Day: If you have the first appointment of the day, please enter our office at the scheduled appointment time.
      • Physical Distancing: Please try to maintain physical distancing if others are present.

Once in the office:

      • Door Assistance: We’ll open and close doors for you whenever possible.
      • Sanitization: Please use the hand sanitizer provided or wash your hands upon arrival.
      • Safety Measures: Temperature checks and a COVID-19 screening may be required.
      • Mask Protocol: If have been requested to wear a mask, please maintain your mask until treatment starts and after it’s finished.
      • Access to Treatment Rooms: Typically, only patients will be permitted inside the treatment room. Exceptions may apply, especially for small children or under certain circumstances.
      • Rinsing Protocol: A pre-procedural mouth rinse may be necessary for 30-60 seconds before treatment.
      • Sanitization Reminder: Hand sanitization points are available. Sanitize regularly, especially upon arrival and before leaving.
      • Assistance Outside: We’ll escort you outside to minimize surface contact after hand sanitization.
      • Post-Appointment Symptoms: If COVID-19 symptoms develop within 0-14 days post-appointment, please notify us.

Visitors and Accompanying Individuals:

To ensure everyone’s safety, only patients with scheduled appointments are requested to enter our office, with exceptions granted for small children and individuals requiring assistance.

  • Accompanying Minor Patients: A minor patient may be accompanied by one parent or legal guardian. If a caregiver’s presence is necessary, please inform us beforehand for appropriate screening measures.
  • Limit on Accompanying Individuals: We kindly request limiting accompanying individuals to essential caregivers or support persons. Ideally, parents/guardians of older children or essential caregivers should wait outside or in their vehicles during the patient’s treatment. However, if this isn’t feasible, our reception lounge has implemented physical distancing measures.
  • Screening Requirement: All individuals entering our office, including patients and visitors, will undergo screening and are required to adhere to our pandemic safety protocols.

You can also expect the following:

Further safety measures and infection protocols are in place behind the scenes that may not be immediately visible during your visit.

  • Staff and Appointment Management:
    • Minimal staff and staggered appointments for all patients.
    • Physical distancing measures are in place. Please maintain a 6 feet distance from our team members and other patients whenever possible, except during treatment.
    • Utilization of no-touch mobile communications such as text, email, and phone whenever feasible.
    • Contact-less payment options preferred. Payment via debit or credit cards is encouraged to avoid handling cash. If cash payment is necessary, please inform our administrative team in advance.
  • Team Safety Protocols:
    • Daily screening for all team members.
    • Our team will be equipped with personal protection equipment (PPE), including masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, and head covers to ensure enhanced safety.
    • Dentists cannot share their staff’s vaccination status due to the Personal Health Information Protection Act. However, your dentist, Dr. Prasad, has been fully vaccinated.
  • Additional Safety Measures:
    • Suspension of patient amenities challenging to sanitize or disinfect, such as magazines or toys.
    • Disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and areas after each patient.
    • Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures after each patient.
    • Incorporation of additional air filtration units alongside a new HVAC system.
    • Modifications to dental procedures to reduce or eliminate aerosol generation.
    • Continuation of stringent sterilization and monitoring of protective measures.

Though our smiles may be hidden behind masks, please feel our warm welcome! Your safety, along with that of our team and fellow patients, is our top priority. Our extra measures are in place to ensure a safe environment. Your trust means everything to us, and we look forward to providing you with quality dental care to rejuvenate your smile. We cannot wait to meet you!

Dr. Prasad and the Beachstone Dental team

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