COVID-19 Pandemic Safety Protocols

If you are wondering if it is safe to visit the dentist during the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, you are not alone! However, please remember that dentists follow very strict infection prevention and control procedures even in normal times. Your health and safety are always our top priority. We have also implemented additional safety protocols and infection control standards in place to protect you, our other patients, and our staff.  We are asking for your help to follow these new protocols to provide you with the safest care possible. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

when scheduling your appointment:

  • Appointments are scheduled to ensure physical distancing between patients. We request your understanding and flexibility when booking an appointment.
  • We will be pre-screening you over the phone when booking your appointment and you will be screened again when you arrive at our office.
  • Please let us know if you are not feeling well or if you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms prior to visiting our office. If you are experiencing any symptoms, we kindly ask that you postpone your appointment and we can help you reschedule. If it is a dental emergency, please let us know and we will assist you in arranging your appointment.

On the day of your appointment:

      • If this is your first visit with us, please arrive 10-15 minutes early to allow enough time to complete your New Patient forms and for the initial check-in process. Please have all your relevant information with you, including your photo ID, medical/dental information, list of any medications, payment information and any insurance information.
      • We ask that you bring your own pen to sign or fill out forms. If you forget to bring one, a clean one will be provided for you.
      • Please eat and drink, brush your teeth, and use the washroom before you arrive. Food or drinks are not permitted on the premises and our washroom will not be accessible, except in the case of emergencies.
      • You must come to your appointment wearing a mask, properly covering your nose and mouth, and wear it until you leave. The only time the mask should come off is when you are sitting in our treatment chair.
      • We ask that you bring only what is necessary to your appointment.

Upon your arrival:

      • Please wait in your car or outside and call us to check in and let us know you have arrived. Please note that our doors are kept locked as we are only seeing patients who have been pre-screened prior to their scheduled appointments. When it is time for you to come inside, we will call you and a team member will come to greet you at the door. If you don’t have a mobile phone, please let us know in advance and/or knock on the door and wait for someone to greet you.
      • NoteOnly patients with a scheduled appointment may enter our office. We ask that you limit the number of people who accompany you to your appointment to an essential caregiver or support person (such as a parent/guardian or a translator/interpreter).  A patient who is a minor can have one parent or guardian attend the appointment with them. If possible, we request that the parent/guardian or essential caregiver wait outside and/or in their vehicle while the patient is receiving their treatment. If this is not possible, we have physical distancing measures in place for them to wait in the reception lounge.  All visitors entering the office will be screened and required to follow our COVID-19 safety protocols as well.

Once in the office:

      • We will open and close all doors for you.
      • You will be asked to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you enter our office.
      • We will measure your temperature using a non-contact digital thermometer.
      • You will be asked to review and complete the COVID-19 Screening questionnaire.
      • If you screen positive for either (COVID-19 and/or temperature), you will be asked to return home for further instructions.
      • If you need to use the washroom, please inform a staff member.
      • You will be shown to your treatment room.
      • Please keep your mask on until you are in our treatment chair and your treatment has started. You will be asked to put it back on when your treatment is completed.
      • You will be asked to rinse for 30-60 seconds with a pre-procedural peroxide-based mouth rinse prior to your treatment.
      • After treatment, you will be asked to wear your mask again and escorted to the administration desk for any necessary billing and/or appointment scheduling.
      • We have hand sanitizer available throughout our office. We will request you to sanitize your hands after leaving our treatment room and once again before you leave our office.
      • We will escort you outside so you do not have to touch our doors or any other surfaces after sanitizing your hands.

You can also expect the following:

  • The use of no-touch mobile communications such as text, email, and phone.
  • Our team will be wearing personal protection equipment (PPE) such as masks, face shields, gloves, gowns, and head covers to enhance safety.
  • Social distancing measures are in place. Please maintain a 6 feet distance from our team members whenever possible.
  • Contactless payment options. We will request payment via debit or credit cards, if possible, to avoid handling cash.

There are also additional safety measures and infection protocols being followed behind the scenes that may not be directly visible during your visit.

Some examples include:

      • Minimal staff and staggered appointments for all patients
      • Daily temperature checks and screening for all team members
      • Patient amenities that are difficult to sanitize or disinfect have been suspended
      • Additional air filtration units, in addition to our brand-new HVAC system
      • Frequently touched surfaces and trafficked areas are disinfected after each patient
      • Enhanced operatory disinfection procedures of all surfaces after each patient
      • Modifications to all dental procedures to eliminate or minimalize aerosol generation
      • Continuation of strict sterilization and monitoring of protective measures

Please contact our office and inform us If you develop any COVID-19 symptoms within 0-14 days after your appointment.

You may not be able to see our smiles but please know that we are happy to see you and are smiling behind our masks! Our additional procedures are designed to create the safest environment for you, our other patients, and our team. We value your trust and look forward to providing you with quality dental treatment and rejuvenating your smile. We cannot wait to meet you!

Dr. Prasad and the Beachstone Dental team